The purpose of the Cacique Awards is to recognize the role played by those individuals and organizations whose performance or products have consistently made a positive impact on the quality and growth of Bahamas tourism. The Cacique Awards have an illustrious foundation in the National Tourism Achievement Awards. 
New nominations submission deadline is Jan. 20th, 2017.

The name “Cacique” was chosen for the new tourism leadership awards to honour the Lucayans, the first Bahamians, and to keep them in memory, even though their physical presence was lost to us so many years ago. The leader of a Lucayan community was called the “Cacique”. As the supreme figure of authority, he would administer justice, resolve disputes, issue decrees, receive visitors in much the same way as a leader in our sphere would do today. The use of the name “cacique” also pays tribute to the generosity of the original inhabitants of The Bahamas, who greeted the first European visitors with great warmth. It shows that the tradition of hospitality is being perpetuated.


Nominate a Person for the Cacique Awards

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Nominee Information

Select one. See award descriptions for details.

Nomination Criteria

Any member of the public may cast a nomination for the general awards, the Minister of Tourism’s Hospitality Award or the Clement T. Maynard Lifetime Achievement Award. There is no limit to the number of people that one person may nominate. The same person may be nominated for more than one award if he/she is making a contribution in more than one area. Where there is no Ministry of Tourism Office, nominations may be returned to the Administrator’s Office on the Family Islands.

Nominations for awards in the Hotel Sector must come from members of the Bahamas Hotel and Tourism Association (BHTA) and meet BHTA criteria, sanctioned by the Cacique Blue Ribbon Panel.

  • Nominees must be residents of The Bahamas whose product or performance has a positive impact on the development of The Bahamas’ Tourism product.
  • Nominees must be consistently high performers.
  • Employees of the Ministry of Tourism and its agencies are not eligible for nomination.
  • All submissions must have an attachment of one full page of information. A maximum of two pages will be accepted.
  • Please submit a STUDIO COLOUR head and shoulder PHOTOGRAPH with nomination form.
  • When nominating artists, photographers, writers etc. samples of the nominee’s work must be submitted for consideration.
  • Colour photographs of samples will be accepted if originals are not available.